READ ALL ABOUT IT…Creating handmade jewelry for twenty plus years until Present.

Churches - WDC/MD/GA - 2000-19 -

Department of Commerce - WDC/MD

Department of Transportation - WDC

Department of Justice - WDC

Department of  D.C. & Federal

Government Art & Craft Shows- WDC

Department of Recreations - Women’s Empowerment Conference - WDC/MD/GA

Arts & Craft Shows - Metropolitan area/GA

Flea Markets - WDC/MD/GA

Senior Citizens & Friend Party - MD/GA

Grand Hyatt in Buckhead - 18th Mass Reunion for Melrose H.S. - GA Rainbow Tea Party - GA Home Shows Parties - WDC/MD/GA

Mental Health Offenders were given the opportunity to make handmade jewelry from me./WDC

Distributor for Stainless Steel Jewelry - Active for several years

Distributor for Parkland Jewelry - non-active