Original "Black Agate & Red/Gold Metal Balls"

Original "Black Agate & Red/Gold Metal Balls"
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-100% Handmade Creations!...
-Black Agate & Red/Gold Metal Balls - 10 -16mm with Gold Hematite Spacers Necklace set
-Earrings lay on the neck and don't touch the necklace.

-Please specify the size of the necklace by inches?

-Each photo has been modified for clarity, color & size.
-Due to camera, phone settings, colors and detail may vary but, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Please note: If you place an order for two or more of the same item, the colors will be the same however, the pattern will be slightly different as no item created is made twice. We ensure pieces that are as unique as you!

Stones 2My Soul!...Creations!... I take pride in myself for providing handmade pieces, that I never duplicate so you can rest assured you're the only one with an original piece(s) from Stones 2My Soul!... Creations!