Stones 2 My Soul Creations!...I present to you the energy & power of the “Natural Stones”. In each handmade piece(s), there is passionate, thoughtfulness & carefully chosen stones & other materials that bring its own unique designs. You will Feel the energy in each piece!!!

I have been creating handmade jewelry designs for several years. Over the years I have designed one-of-a-kind finally pieces(s) and never duplicating a creation.

I have been able to capture my customer’s style in every piece(s) design. My desire for my customer’s satisfaction is what has led me to longevity in the handmade jewelry business.The piece(s) I create are made with several types of unique stones and beads of all kinds.

Their uniqueness and custom designs include materials purchased from within the USA suppliers.

I have had the joy of seeing everyone who has come to me with a request for my wearable art, pleased! Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see years later these same customers who still have their original pieces of my jewelry and still praise my work!!!.....

I stand out in a crowd, because I am one-of-a-kind, just as your custom designs will be! No piece(s) is ever made twice unless requested, with the same colors and different patterns. You aren’t duplicated, so make your jewelry as unique as you!... Dare to be different, Dare to be you!!! Enjoy!